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The Team


A New Jersey native with a Scottish heritage I bring a wealth of knowledge and an eagerness to learn more.  My wine making journey began with the introduction to Wineworx in 2015 and like a bad penny, never left!  I have gleaned so much knowledge of the wine making process from Tom and Tony.  I will pledge to continue operating the Wineworx business to its already high standards.  Welcome everyone on your journey to home wine making.

Tom Raco, senior partner at Wineworx

A Rochester native, Tom Raco has been making wine from grapes and fresh juices for over 50 years. He is a third-generation home wine maker who has honed his craft through years of practice and training seminars. His wines have received numerous medals at local and state amateur wine maker’s competions. Tom now shares this knowledge and experience with budding home wine makers at Wineworx. 

As a teenager, Tony Toscano emigrated from Calabria, Italy bringing with him, amongst other things, a love for Mediterranean food and wine. He nurtured this love in the United States and, as an adult, mastered various culinary arts, such as cheese making, charcuterie, food preservaton and, last but not least, home wine making. Tony has been passionately making wine for over 40 years sharing his skills with family and friends, and for the past 7 years, with shareholders, young and old, at Wineworx.

Tony Toscani, senior partner at Wineworx
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