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 Spring Events 

Spring Events

Chilean Wine Making 
This option includes making wines with fresh juices shipped to us from Chile. The Southern Hemisphere, where Chile is situated, is on an opposite grape growing season from us, thus allowing us to purchase fresh juices in the spring of each year. Registration for the Chilean experience occurs in early April and the wine making process commences late April or early May. These wines generally require about 12 months of aging before bottling.

Racking from carboy to carboy to clarify the wine

 Fall Events 

Fall Events
Bottling and bringing home the wine

Apfelwein Making (Apple wine) 

Sometimes referred to as hard apple cider, this event typically commences in November when we can obtain fresh, raw apple juice from a Mennonite farm in the Finger Lakes Region. We vinify and age the juice in a whiskey barrel for 4 – 6 months. While this wine is typically finished to a dry level, it can be sweetened to taste for individuals who so prefer. Registration for this event occurs in late October.

Blueberry Wine Making

This option coincides with the blueberry harvest season, generally in late August. Blueberries are provided for this event and customers participate in each step of the wine making process, from berry crushing through final bottling. Customers can decide how sweet or dry they prefer their wine. Blueberry wine requires about 6 months of aging before bottling.

Crushing blueberries for wine making
Juice ready for fermentation

California Wine Making
This option includes making wines from fresh juices shipped to us from California's Central Coast region. The California wine making process commences around mid-September and generally requires about 12 months of aging before bottling. Registration for the California wines occurs in late August – early September.

Carboys ageing wines at the Wineworx cellar

Italian Wine Making 

This option includes making wines with fresh juices imported from various regions of Italy. The wine making process for these juices commences around late October and generally requires about 12 months of aging before bottling. Registration for the Italian wines occurs in late September – early October.

Year Round Events

Year Round Events

Fruit Wine Making

We offer wine making from fresh-frozen fruits such as: Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, and more. Any fresh or frozen fruit you choose can be made into wine. These wines can be made throughout the year and usually require about 6 months before bottling.

Coming Soon!

Fruits that can be used for fruit wines
Fermenting fruit in honey wine (Mead)

Making Mead at Home Kit

Mead making is available as a remote event, where you can make your mead in the comfort of your own home. Complete kits to make 1 gallon (5/750 ml or 10/375ml bottles) include the honey, yeast, and all other necessary chemicals. This option is available for purchase throughout the year. Written directions as well as a link to our “How To” video are included in the kit. Mead wine requires about 3-4 months before final bottling.

Mead Making at Home


Special Barrel Aging
On certain occasions Wineworx will feature group wine making events that include aging the wines in 30 – 50 gallon French oak barrels. This aging process enhances the flavor, balance, and maturity of the wines. Our other wines are fermented and aged in glass carboys or stainless steel vessels.


Future Wine Making Events

In the worx is Mead wine making in your home via remote learning from a kit that can be shipped anywhere in the USA. Mead is a honey wine that can be made dry or sweet, and flavored with fruits and/or spices.

Gift Certificates

Can’t decide what you want? Or, giving a gift to someone else?  Our gift certificate may be the answer!

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