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How it Worx

Wineworx will provide you with ingredients, tools and instructions to enable you to successfully make your own wine.

See details below:

Your purchase will be defined in terms of a share, with one share being equivalent to 5 gallons, or 24 bottles of finished wine. A petite share is equivalent to 3 gallons, or 15 bottles of finished wine, unless otherwise defined within a specific wine making event.


Wineworx Provides

We will provide grapes you pick at the vineyard or pails of fresh juices of your choice,  and instruct and guide you through all stages of the wine making process. You will also be provided the equipment, chemicals, and supplies needed to complete the wine making process.  Your wine will be aged in our "cellar" in either glass carboys, stainless steel vats, or oak barrels until bottling time.

You Provide

Wine bottles, finishing covers (if desired) and labels.  At the appropriate time, we will provide you with easy information on how to obtain these items from Wineworx (if available) or from other vendors.

Sampling, checking acidity, measuring sugar content of juices

Your Role

You will be involved in every stage of the process, from picking, crushing, and pressing your NYS grapes or inoculating and fermenting your fresh juices (Californian, Chilean, Australian, Italian, other), to bottling your finished wine.  Your commitment to the full process will be essential to mastering the art of wine making.

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