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Welcome to Wineworx

Dear Valued Wineworx Customers,

Though Tom and Tony have stepped aside they have graciously offered their expertise as Wineworx moves on into the future.  I will be forever grateful to them for sharing their immense knowledge in wine making.  As I move forward I want to ensure everyone we will still be expertly coaxing our juices into some of the finest wines you will make.

Please join me as we embark on a new adventure.  Some have asked, what is Wineworx? A very short answer is, we take raw juice from the grapes of many regions and ferment them in their own time into fine wine.  This process will teach you the process from raw grape juice, to adding the necessary compounds to help fermentation while also letting mother nature run its course.  Once you have your wine fermented, it is time to bottle.  This process can take 3-9 moths for a white wine and 6-18 months for a red wine.  Your obligation is begins on the day I pick up the juices, you meet me at Wineworx on a specified day to inoculate your raw juice, first sipping a sample of course.  Then in a couple of weeks returning the wine cellar to initially rack your wine, of course, a sip of the wine to check progress is done.  Then every 2-3 months returning to Wineworx to rack your wine until it is deemed to be bottle worthy.  Then we set up a time for you to bottle your finished product.  Keep in mind, each visit to Wineworx will be from 30-90 minutes.

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