This featured Wineworx experience begins with picking grapes in a Finger Lakes vineyard where they are then crushed, pressed and fermented. The remaining steps of the wine making process concluding with bottling, corking, and taking home 2 cases of wine occur at the Wineworx cellar in Henrietta, NY.  This experience typically begins in early October and generally the wines require up to 12 months of aging before bottling. Registration for this event occurs in September.

Please note, "Individual Selection" option is aged in glass, while "Group Barrel Selection" is aged in oak barrels.


Note: Grape picking, crushing, and pressing are activities that will take place at the vineyard and will likely run over lunch. You are responsible to bring lunch, snack and beverages to satisfy your needs. The location of the vineyard is in Rushville, NY, which is about 10 miles south of Canandaigua. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the vineyard. A map will be provided to help you find the place.

Finger Lakes Winemaking